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Aggregate Equipment

Aggregates in concrete action is very important, it plays a role in skeleton, passing stress, even without grout, aggregate can support the load, while inhibiting the contraction and prevent cracking.Stone Crusher in Angola At this point, UNIQUE as a professional production of crushing and screening equipment manufacturers, many years engaged in the production of sand and gravel aggregate equipment through customer surveys and on-site field survey, the importance of sand and gravel aggregate for vigorously developing new launch 5X series of high gravel shaping machines, dedicated to highways, railways gravel aggregate production.

UNIQUE produced concrete mixing station processing equipment-5X Sand, set a variety of models and the advantages of advanced technology, combined with our engineers for many years experience in the production of concrete mixing equipment and the development of products vertical crusher. Sand processing equipment using high-branded high-speed rail wear-resistant materials, long life cycle, can meet the material requirements of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and other projects, highways, high-speed railway construction in areas such as sand and gravel aggregate concrete mixing the best equipment. 5X Sand in multiple regions can provide equipment production line for the user to visit the site, sound equipment sales team to provide system protection crusher manufacturer. Processing system consists of concrete batching equipment, aggregate conveying device, powder delivery device, the water supply for the additive system, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system and automatic concrete air control system consisting of mixing equipment. Jaw Crusher Working PrincipleWith a reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable, easy to operate, accurate, and suitable for the production of a generous amount of concrete roads, airports, ports, utilities and other large-scale projects and precast, concrete products, etc., are widely used in various engineering building construction cement machinery.

Construction aggregate crushing

Construction aggregate particle shape of aggregates have high requirements for the broken jaw, cone crusher and other traditional crusher, because different crushing mechanism, the material produced in particle shape, flake, needle more, In particular, there are strict requirements for high-grade highways, major projects, the kind of construction aggregate is not met, the view of this situation, UNIQUE on the counterattack crusher cavity optimization improvements, the crushing and shaping functions integration, out of the particle shape into cubes, very satisfactory.

Unique has been dedicated to producing Mining machinery for many years. We take pride in manufacturing our mining machinery, and the chance to serve the varied needs of our customers worldwide. Our brand is recognized worldwide for our high quality, reliability, and our customer service. We currently supply over 60 different countries with our products, including Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Spring Cone Crusher, Vibrating Screen, Vibrating Feeder, Portable Crushing Plant and Aggregate Crushing Plant, etc.

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