Nike Zoom Fly 3 Performance Review

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 is one of two Nike running shoes in 2019 to feature a carbon fiber plate. The Zoom Fly 3 is the more budget friendly of those two shoes. The other shoe is the world’s consensus number one racing shoe, the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% ($250). Nike has been the driving force behind returning carbon fiber plates to popularity. Other brands have caught on and are releasing their own really good carbon fiber plate shoes (for example, the Hoka Carbon X). At $160, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 is among the least expensive running shoes to feature a carbon fiber plate so we had to try them out.

The WearTesters team (Eric Delgado and Drew Whitcomb) tested the Nike Zoom Fly 3 for over 140 miles across a wide variety of surfaces in speed workouts, treadmill training, long runs, casual wear, and more.

Eric: I was skeptical of the cushioning when I first tried on the Zoom Fly 3. The React cushioning on these is not as soft as the React found in other Nike running models (like the Epic React), it’s bouncier and denser. The bounce is a good thing, but I thought the density would make my knees hurt after long runs. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen. After a few miles, the cushioning really softens up and the carbon fiber plate, coupled with the bounce of the React foam, continue to propel you forward effortlessly. I was running times I usually run with less effort than normal. I ran my personal 5k record the very first time I wore them. I thought I was traveling at my usual pace until I looked down at my watch and saw that I was about 30 seconds faster. My knees and back always felt great after runs in Zoom Fly 3.

Drew:  I agree with Eric that the Zoom Fly 3 feels heavy in hand but not on foot. Once you start running the amazing bounce it provides, due to the pairing of React and the carbon fiber plate, make it feel like the shoe is really pushing and helping you with every step. It’s a really nice, plush ride. A side benefit of the midsole being so heavy is that the cushion doesn’t bottom out. Ever. To test the endurance of the cushioning set up, I wore them for an entire week. 40 total miles spread over 5 straight days of running workouts, a rest day, and an 11.5 mile long run. The cushion took the punishment. There was a noticeable loss of bounce by the end of the week but the shoes were still performing at a high level. That’s unheard of among mainstream running shoes. This is one of the better cushioning setups on the market.

Eric: Nike used a hard rubber for most of the forefoot area as well as two spots on each side of the heel. The rest of outsole is exposed React. The traction on these wasn’t impressive but it got the job done. I felt like I would more easily slide on smooth surfaces compared to typical running shoes. But this is a hybrid racing shoe, so traction isn’t as important when you’re expecting to run on dry concrete and asphalt. I experienced zero issues when running on normal race friendly surfaces.

Drew: The first time I wore the Nike Zoom Fly 3 I ended up running in a driving rainstorm. Within minutes my clothes, my shoes, and the roads were soaked. That storm gave me the chance to try brand new traction in the slipperiest possible conditions. And I didn’t have any issues. No slipping or sliding at all. Even though the outsole doesn’t look like much, it operates like a car tire channeling the water away and letting you get a good grip.

After about 80 miles in them, the traction was showing heavy wear. I doubt I’ll get the desired 300 miles out of the Zoom Fly 3, 200-250 miles seems like a more realistic target. That’s not unexpected with a shoe that proclaims itself race-day ready, but it’s also marketed as an everyday shoe. It would be nice to get more miles from the outsole.

Eric: Not much to write about here, this is a neutral shoe with a very narrow last and midsole. It was a problem for me and my wide feet. I felt like a bit of my midfoot was hanging over the edge of the midsole. I was able to help the situation with an arch support insole (this one’s my favorite). Because of the instability, I completely avoided running on trails or uneven surfaces when wearing the Zoom Fly 3. I did notice that the faster I went, the less I noticed the instability. I’m not an overpronator nor do I heel strike, but I like shoes with a bit of support (as you can see in my review of the Hoka Arahi 3). If you have a narrow foot and prefer forefoot striking when you run, then the lack of stability won’t be a problem.

Drew: As long as you don’t spill over the footbed, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 will support you on roads, sidewalks, and tracks. I tested these on uneven ground and rocks to get a feel for how they’d respond. The React midsole absorbs the rocks well but there’s not enough side to side protection to avoid ankle sprains on real trails. The midsole does flare out in a sort of outrigger-like way at the forefoot but doesn’t do much due to the pliability of the React cushioning. Save these for your road and track runs.

Eric: The materials on the Zoom Fly 3 are fantastic. I thought it was a bit too heavy to be on par with other serious racing shoes. Nike’s other carbon plate option, the Nike lebron 17 is about 2.3 ounces lighter. That’s a huge difference in a running shoe, especially when you compound that over a 6, 13, or 26 mile race. The weight discrepancy is mainly caused by the React cushioning. React cushioning is a lot heavier than ZoomX (but also a lot cheaper). The rest of the shoe is fantastic, the inner booty on the shoe is amazingly comfortable and more breathable than I thought it would be. The Vaporweave shroud on top of the booty is great for running in wet conditions and dries quick.

Drew: The Vaporweave upper is super light. I don’t know how they make Vaporweave but Nike has another winning material. It looks like ripstop or plastic in pictures but in reality it’s a stretchy plastic-y material. It reminds me of the type of material used to laminate paper. Hopefully Nike tells us more about it in the future because I can see them using it a lot more in upcoming running models.

The materials do have some issues. The half neoprene/half mesh bootie gets really smelly. The neoprene portion around the collar and down what would be the tongue absorbs massive amounts of sweat and is the last part of the shoe to dry. I like how it hugs the foot, but now that my shoes are too disgusting to be used casually I wish they’d used a different material. Even touching them for this review is…not the best experience. I’m going to have to wash my hands (and keyboard) after I’m done.

The laces, while better than those on the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2, come undone when soaked. I had them untie on me on 3 separate long runs (I even double knotted them!). Instagram has taught me some people solve this with elastic speedlaces but a shoe of this caliber should have better laces out of the box.

Eric: These fit long and narrow. If you have a narrow foot, I would recommend going a half size down on these. I took my usual size 13 but felt like I had a bit too much room in the toe box after my first run. Besides the length of the shoe, the fit on these felt fantastic. The inner booty forms great around your foot and I didn’t experience any pressure points when I was running.

Drew: I’ve got a narrow foot and can safely say these are one of the more narrow runners I’ve tried. The heel is really narrow. If your foot doesn’t taper to a smaller heel these shoes will most likely not be for you.

My big toe had more room than usual and I may have been able to go down half a size but I decided doing so might crush my small toes. The lateral side of the shoe curves sharply and I was worried I’d lose some toenails if I went smaller. Trying them on will help if you’re worried about extra room.

The achilles pillows are a nice touch though I wish they had put a little more padding over the seams at the rear collar. They didn’t cause any hotspots for me but I’ve seen seams like that do so. Finally, the neoprene bootie collar isn’t easy to slip on and could use tabs on tongue or heel to help get them on easier.

Eric: I was very skeptical of carbon fiber plates and thought it would be more of a gimmick, but man was I wrong. The stiffness of the plate really springs you forward when you press off your stride and I was running the same times as usual with less effort compared to other shoes. It really helped in the later miles of my workouts when I got a bit tired. It’s one of those shoes that makes you want to run 1-2 more miles than you intended. The instability was an issue for me and I also wasn’t happy with how heavy they were compared to other carbon plate options, but at $50-$100 less than most pairs it’s a good trade off. The materials were top notch and if I needed to run my fastest 5k these are the shoes I would grab out of my closet.

Drew: The Air More Uptempo Denim has flaws but overall I think it’s worth the money. Most long distance runners will feel an extra bounce in their stride, enjoy the high end cushioning and construction, and be able to utilize these for speed work, long runs, and races. It’s a versatile shoe that makes running a little more fun.

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L’échec du Real Madrid a été magnifié à l’infini

L’entraîneur du Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane a été poussé au sommet des médias ces derniers jours en raison de sa défaite en Ligue des champions. Après tout, c’est la plus grande honte du Real Madrid depuis des années et il ne reste plus aucun honneur dans un match. Le Paris Saint-Germain, pour la première fois en Champions League, a pu vaincre le Real Madrid en l’absence de joueurs clés. Le Real Madrid a vraiment déçu les fans du monde entier.

Le Real Madrid a toujours été un joueur de premier plan dans l’équipe de football. Rejoindre le Real Madrid et porter le maillot Real Madrid est le rêve des joueurs. Malheureusement, la force du Real Madrid est inattendue. Les joueurs et les entraîneurs sont-ils vraiment si faibles? Auparavant, les fans pouvaient se procurer un maillot de foot portant la signature des joueurs du Real Madrid. C’était une chose heureuse dans la vie. De plus, grâce aux brillantes réalisations du Real Madrid, le rythme des progrès de chacun est intense.

Le Real Madrid est-il vraiment tombé comme ça? L’importance des sommes investies cette année n’a pas été efficacement invoquée. Peut-être que c’est juste un jeu inattendu. Aucune équipe ne gagnera toujours. Espérons que lors du prochain match, le Real Madrid récupérera la situation et laissera aller l’opinion embarrassante du public.

Bayern München zal Lewandowski waarschijnlijk niet verkopen

Sinds hij in 2014 bij Bayern München kwam, is Lewandowski geleidelijk de topspeler van het team geworden. Zijn Bayern München shirt is nu de bestseller in de Bundesliga. Vorig seizoen leidde hij de ploeg naar de Bundesliga-titel. En tot nu toe dit seizoen, zijn prestaties zijn nog steeds erg indrukwekkend.

In een recente Champions League-groepswedstrijd hielp hij zijn team aan een 3-0 overwinning op Red Star Belgrado. En hij scoorde zijn 200e doelpunt voor Bayern München in deze wedstrijd. Volgens de statistieken kostte het hem slechts 249 wedstrijden om de mijlpaal te behalen. Zijn scorend vermogen is echt geweldig. Daarom beschouwt Bayern hem als een niet-uitverkoop, hoewel president Florentino Perez van Real Madrid al jarenlang wil dat hij een Real Madrid shirt draagt.

Tot nu toe zijn de prestaties van Real Madrid tot nu toe erg slecht geweest. Niet alleen faalden ze in La Liga, maar ze verloren ook 3-0 van Paris Saint Germain in de Champions League. Uiteindelijk is hun falen te wijten aan het gebrek aan capabele forwards.

Het falen van Real Madrid is oneindig vergroot

Real Madrid-coach Zinedine Zidane is de afgelopen dagen naar de top van de media geduwd vanwege zijn nederlaag in de Champions League. Het is tenslotte de grootste schande die Real Madrid in jaren heeft gehad, en er is geen eer meer in een spel. Paris Saint-Germain wist Real Madrid voor het eerst in de Champions League te verslaan in afwezigheid van belangrijke spelers. Real Madrid stelde fans over de hele wereld echt teleur.

Real Madrid is altijd een topspeler in het voetbalteam geweest. Om Real Madrid te vervoegen en Real Madrid voetbalshirt te dragen is de droom van de spelers. Helaas is de kracht van Real Madrid onverwacht. Zijn spelers en coaches echt zo zwak? Voorheen konden fans een voetbalshirts goedkoop kopen met de handtekening van Real Madrid-spelers. Dat was een gelukkig iets in het leven. Ook vanwege de fantastische prestaties van Real Madrid is het tempo van ieders vooruitgang intens.

Is Real Madrid echt zo gevallen? De grote hoeveelheid geld die dit jaar is geïnvesteerd, is niet effectief ingeroepen. Misschien is het gewoon een onverwacht spel. Geen team zal altijd winnen. Hopelijk wint Real Madrid in de volgende wedstrijd de situatie terug en laat de beschamende publieke opinie los.

Es improbable que el Bayern de Múnich venda a Lewandowski

Desde que se unió al Bayern Munich en 2014, Lewandowski se ha convertido gradualmente en el principal delantero del equipo. Su Camiseta Bayern de Múnich es ahora el superventas de en Bundesliga. La temporada pasada, llevó al equipo al título de la Bundesliga. Y en lo que va de la temporada, su desempeño sigue siendo muy impresionante.

En un reciente partido grupal de la Liga de Campeones, ayudó a su equipo a ganar 3-0 sobre la Estrella Roja de Belgrado. Y marcó su gol número 200 para el Bayern de Múnich en este partido. Según las estadísticas, solo le llevó 249 juegos completar el hito. Su habilidad para anotar es realmente asombrosa. Por lo tanto, el Bayern lo considera una no venta, a pesar de que el presidente del Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, ha querido que use una Camiseta Real Madrid durante muchos años.

En lo que va de la temporada, el desempeño del Real Madrid ha sido muy pobre. No solo fallaron en La Liga, sino que también perdieron 3-0 ante el Paris Saint Germain en la Liga de Campeones. En el análisis final, su falla se debe a la falta de reenvíos capaces.

Il fallimento del Real Madrid è stato ingigantito all’infinito

L’allenatore del Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane è stato portato ai vertici dei media nei giorni scorsi a causa della sua sconfitta in Champions League. Dopotutto, è la più grande disgrazia che il Real Madrid abbia avuto negli anni e non c’è più onore in una partita. Il Paris Saint-Germain, per la prima volta in Champions League, è riuscito a battere il Real Madrid in assenza di giocatori chiave. Il Real Madrid ha davvero deluso i fan di tutto il mondo.

Il Real Madrid è sempre stato il miglior giocatore della squadra di calcio. Unirsi al Real Madrid e indossare la maglia Real Madrid è il sogno dei giocatori. Sfortunatamente, la forza del Real Madrid è inaspettata. I giocatori e gli allenatori sono davvero così deboli? In precedenza, i fan potevano ottenere una maglie calcio con la firma dei giocatori del Real Madrid. È stata una cosa felice nella vita. Anche a causa dei brillanti risultati del Real Madrid, il ritmo dei progressi di tutti è intenso.

Il Real Madrid è davvero caduto in questo modo? La grande quantità di denaro investita quest’anno non è stata effettivamente invocata. Forse è solo un gioco inaspettato. Nessuna squadra vincerà sempre. Speriamo che nella prossima partita il Real Madrid riconquisterà la situazione e lascerà andare l’imbarazzante opinione pubblica.

Neuspjeh Real Madrida uvećao se beskonačno

Trener Real Madrida Zinedine Zidane posljednjih je dana gurnut u vrh medija zbog poraza u Ligi prvaka. Uostalom, to je najveća sramota koju je Real Madrid imao u godinama, a tu čast nije ostala ni u jednoj igri. Paris Saint-Germain, prvi put u Ligi prvaka, uspio je svladati Real Madrid u nedostatku ključnih igrača. Real Madrid je zaista razočarao navijače diljem svijeta.

Real Madrid je uvijek bio vrhunski igrač u nogometnoj reprezentaciji. Pridružiti se Real Madridu i nositi Real Madrid dres, san je igrača. Nažalost, snaga Real Madrida je neočekivana. Jesu li igrači i treneri stvarno toliko slabi? Prije toga, navijači su mogli dobiti dresovi za nogomet s potpisom igrača Real Madrida. To je bila sretna stvar u životu. Također zbog sjajnih postignuća Real Madrida brzina svačijeg napretka je intenzivna.

Je li Real Madrid stvarno ovako pao? Velika količina novca uložena ove godine nije se učinkovito pozvala. Možda je to samo neočekivana igra. Nijedan tim neće uvijek pobijediti. Nadamo se da će u sljedećoj utakmici Real Madrid vratiti situaciju i pustiti neugodno javno mnijenje.

Lewandowski er ikke til salgs i Bayern

Siden han kom til Bayern München i 2014, har Lewandowski gradvis blitt lagets toppspiss. Hans Bayern München Drakt er nå bestselgeren i Bundesliga. Forrige sesong ledet han laget til Bundesliga-tittelen. Og så langt denne sesongen er prestasjonen hans fortsatt veldig imponerende.

I en nylig Champions League-gruppekamp hjalp han laget sitt til en 3-0-seier over Red Star Belgrade. Og han scoret sitt 200. mål for Bayern München i denne kampen. I følge statistikk tok det ham bare 249 kamper for å fullføre milepælen. Scoringsevnen hans er virkelig fantastisk. Derfor ser Bayern på ham som et ikke-salg, selv om Real Madrid-president Florentino Perez har ønsket at han skulle ha en Real Madrid Drakt i mange år.

Så langt denne sesongen har Real Madrids prestasjoner vært veldig dårlige. Ikke bare feilet de i La Liga, men de tapte også 3-0 til Paris Saint Germain i Champions League. I den endelige analysen skyldes mislykkethet deres mangel på evne fremover.

Jasné cíle motivují větší motivaci

Ve světě ledního hokeje je prolomení Gretzkyho historie konečným cílem každého hráče. Nahrávání je výsledkem úsilí hráče zůstat a je také motivací povzbuzovat každého hráče, aby postupoval kupředu. Kvůli této motivaci Alexander Ovechkin, který postupoval vpřed, stále doufá, že bude pokračovat ve hře, dokud se nebude moci pohnout.

Alexander Ovechkin se připojil k Washingtonu Capitals na 14 sezón, nejdelší nhl dresy, který kdy nosil. V roce 2008 podepsali Washington Capitals a Alexander Ovechkin smlouvu na 13 let, což bylo velké uznání. Stejně tak Alexander Ovechkin také vytvořil slavný historický rekord pro tým, s více než 700 góly skóroval v jeho kariéře. Vyprší jeho smlouva brzy příští rok, vybere si dres Washington Capitals? Pokud se po tolika letech společnosti může odejít do důchodu ve Washingtonu, je to také dokonalý život.

Alexander Ovechkin v současné době ukazuje, že může pokračovat ve hře a jeho cíl nebyl splněn. Doufá, že dokáže tvrdě pracovat a být blíže svému cíli. V životě musí být jasný cíl, abyste mohli mít větší motivaci a rozhodnout se, že ztratíte sami sebe. Alexander Ovechkin je skvělý ledový hráč a doufá, že díky svému úsilí dokáže ve světě ledního hokeje udělat svůj zázrak.